Introducing Thermo Thursday’s at The Spiritualist Aberdeen…

Addressing Aberdeen’s Fearless Foodies – the opportunity to EAT FOR FREE with the Thermo Thursday Food Challenge. Feelin spicy? Think you can handle the heat? Well we have a treat in store for you, and probably us!

Every Thursday you have the chance to EAT FOR FREE by battling against Aberdeen’s spiciest Food Challenge!

You have 20 minutes to eat a bowl of extremely hot chilli created with the finest Carolina Reaper & Trinidad Scorpion Chillis & served with a delectably spicy El Jimador Margarita. *T&C’s apply.*

Spice Champion? Well aren’t we impressed! As a congratulations for your fearlessness and pure staff astonishment – we are delighted to gift you…

1. The challenge for FREE.
2. A gift voucher to gift the challenge to yer spicy pal with a soft drink included on us.
3. A spicy tee to take home.
4. You will be remembered & congratulated forever on our wall of Thermo Thursday Champions.

The spice got the better of you? It happens to the best of us! If you do not complete the challenge you must pay £20. Silver lining – you’ll be cosy for the rest of the day?!

From Mild – Hot. **ALL GLUTEN FREE** We are here with Tasty Tremendous Thursdays!

Choose your serve;

Classic Chilli Bowl – rice, cheese, tortilla crisps, salsa, guacamole, lime crema & pico de gallo.
Loaded Nachos – tortilla crisps, nacho cheese sauce, salsa, guacamole, lime crema & pico de gallo.

Our Head Chef Paul has specially created five different types of Chilli using chilis sourced from across the world for you to choose from;

Colarado * – Mild
A flavourful yet mild chilli.
Available with pulled pork or chicken.

Con Carne ** – Spicy
Ground beef in a rich tomato sauce elevated with spices & red kidney beans.

Chilli Verde *** – Hot
A light, tangy, and colourful chilli.
Available with pulled chicken or pulled pork.

Vegan Pinto Bean Chilli ** – Spicy
A medium spiced vegan chilli

Texan Beef Chilli **** – Scorching
Hot and spicy chilli.
Stewed steak, garlic, tomatoes, “Arbol” chillis & mixed spices

We cannot wait to welcome you for The Spiritualist heatwave. Sure to bring a good time every Thursday! To make the night even more traditional why not try our El Jimador Margarita’s – esta delicioso!!